My Story

Yvette Morton EdS, MA, NBC-HWC

I am passionate about balanced living and helping you achieve greater self-awareness to make choices that align with your values and goals.  As your coach I will be your guide as you identify your needs, establish new habits, and feel empowered to create better overall health and wellbeing in your life.   We will discuss how self-care is directly influenced by the interrelationship of nutrition, exercise, sleep issues, stress management, work/school/ family responsibilities, and life transitions.

My experience as an educator, yoga instructor and national board certified wellness coach have helped me develop a unique perspective around how an individual's approach to learning influences behavioral outcomes and longterm success.  I take a holistic approach to understanding the goals and desires of my clients while helping them to know themselves better and have a transformative experience.  I work with individuals, groups, classrooms and families, and have a special interest in supporting teens and young adults as they navigate this exciting transition in life. 


Understanding wellness has been a lifelong journey for me.  At the age of 14 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that severely impacted my energy, motivation and mobility.  Through the guidance of various practitioners and mentors I was able to learn at an early age that wellbeing can be directly influenced by our daily choices and habits. It taught me to respect that our bodies, minds and spirits need different things based on where we are at a given time in our lives. I am also a parent to two teenagers and one young adult.  

I know how family activities and work/ home responsibilities often derail our best intentions

to squeeze in more time to care for ourselves.  

Wellness is a journey that is constantly changing and challenging us, but we can learn to pay attention to our needs while adjusting to the ups and downs of life. I would love to support you and your family through this transformative and life changing process. 


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