My experience in seeking coaching with Yvette has been life changing.  Her intuitive style of guiding and listening helped me explore a new direction of self-discovery and awareness.  She brings a holistic approach to her coaching, steering the focus toward meaningful life change.  I'm so grateful for Yvette's expertise and guidance, and you will be too!

Julie Schlegel

Working with Yvette helped me take better care of my personal needs during a highly stressful, emotionally demanding time in my life. She encouraged me to stay focused on the essentials of taking care of myself so I was able to do everything else that was required of me. It really helped to have someone so skilled, compassionate and understanding as I worked to prioritize my health and self care during a time I would have just put it on the back burner.

Danielle Dinkleman

Yvette's coaching class was really helpful to get me more prepared for college!  It was great that we got to focus on one area of improvement and she gave me great advice on how to manage my time and stress better.

Zoe M.


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