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Client Testimonials

Sophia, age 20

"Yvette's coaching was an overwhelmingly positive experience that helped me make progress toward my academic, health and fitness goals. 
We worked together to establish action plans that allowed me to track and assess how things were going. I benefited greatly from, and much appreciate, Yvette's support and guidance."

Leah, age 18

"Even across a computer screen, Yvette felt present and helpful to me.  Yvette helped me break seemingly daunting tasks into smaller steps that I could complete.  I feel better equipped to handle large "to-dos" after working with her. I also developed some new and health micro habits including exercise, cutting down on screen time, and taking the time to be creative with her help.  Yvette not only listened to my life problems, but also helped me find solutions to them."

Heather, Parent

" Yvette was very instrumental in helping my daughter deal with feelings of anxiety and self-doubt.  Getting through the teenage years as a parent can feel scary and overwhelming at times.  It's nice to know that I have someone like Yvette to help fill in when I am at a loss for words, or when my encouragement just isn't landing on my daughter.  Yvette was a safe space that my daughter could freely talk to about life issues, and develop new skills.  Very pleased and would highly recommend."

Jen (Parent)

"I am beyond thankful for your tremendous work with RN.  I have watched her from the sidelines really lean into the work she has been doing to make some changes.  These habits are sticking which is so cool.  I can't thank you enough."

Carter, age 20

"I was feeling really stressed about whether or not to stay in college.  I wasn't sleeping well and was having a hard time getting motivated.  Coaching helped me make a plan and feel better about making some decisions, and also helped me learn to manage my stress better."

Peyton, age 16

"I am so happy that I did this coaching.  It's a relief to just love myself and actually start saying nice things to myself in the mirror. I am just happier now.  Thank you for everything you did for me".

Zoe, age 18

"Yvette's coaching was really helpful to get me more prepared for college! It was great that we got to focus on one are of improvement, and she helped me with habits to better manage my time and stress."

Jennifer Donahue, MSW

"I have worked with Yvette within the educational system, where we facilitated group programs and worked together with individual students experiencing life transitions, learning difficulties and trauma.  Yvette has a natural ability to quickly establish rapport and trust with both adolescents and adults.  She is a compassionate and skilled professional who supports and empowers others."

Danielle, Adult

"Working with Yvette helped me take better care of my needs during a highly stressful, emotionally demanding time in my life.  She helped me stay focused on the essentials of taking care of myself so I was able to do everything else that was required of me.  It really helped to have someone so skilled and so compassionate and understanding to help me navigate prioritizing my health and my self care during a time when I would have otherwise put it on the back burner.
Yvette Morton Wellness Coach for Teens
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