Student Success

and Wellbeing 

   "It takes courage to grow up and become who
you really are."
EE Cummings

Are you a student or young adult experiencing overwhelm, frustration or insecurity about academic progress, or post high-school and college decisions?

Do you struggle to develop or maintain positive habits for longterm health and wellbeing?

I am a student success and wellbeing coach. I support individuals seeking change that aligns with PERSONAL values and longterm goals.

Coaching with Yvette was really helpful for getting me more prepared for college!  It was great that we got to focus on one area of improvement and her sessions helped me learn to manage my time and stress better.

-Zoe M.

My coaching process is influenced by expertise as an educator, learning specialist and nationally board certified health coach.  I guide my clients on a journey of self-discovery as they create new habits and develop the tools needed for academic growth and longterm health and wellbeing.  I specialize in working with adolescents and young adults navigating the exciting transitions of life; learning to care for their our own needs and adapt to life with greater responsibility and independence.  I also work with women and moms as they navigate their own life journey. I recognize that finding balance to feel happier and healthier is a constant challenge influenced by circumstances that often derail our good intentions. Contact me today to set up a free phone consultation.


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