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Coaching to help Teens and Young Adults Thrive

Filling Life's Toolbox for Success and Wellbeing


 Do you know a high school, college student or young adult who is feeling disorganized, confused or overwhelmed? Are they functioning on too little sleep, poor health habits, or feeling burned out and unsure about the future?


 I bring a unique set of skills, education and experience to my coaching practice. I hold graduate degrees in educational psychology and school psychology, have spent years working with adolescents within the public school system, and now serve as a mentor and guide to my clients as an educator and National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach,

Utilizing techniques grounded in behavior change theory, motivation and human learning, I help stressed, overwhelmed and underperforming high school, college and young adults realize their unique potential, see challenges as opportunities to learn and grow, and gain effective habits and tools to support

their lifelong success and wellbeing.  


My clients will gain confidence and new skills while creating an

action plan for sustainable change. 

Adolescents and young adults are at an exciting stage of life; learning to understand their interests and needs, and adapt to life with greater responsibility and independence. 

Areas of Expertise:


Behavior Change

Learning Challenges including students with IEPs

Transition to College

Organization/Time Management

Health and Wellbeing


"Even across a computer screen Yvette felt present and helpful to me.  Yvette helped me break seemly daunting tasks into smaller steps that I could complete.  I feel better equipped to handle large to-dos after working with her.  I also developed some new and healthy small habits including exercise, cutting down on screen time and taking the time to be creative with her help.  Yvette not only listened to my life challenges but helped me find solutions to them." 
- Leah, 19

"I am beyond thankful for your tremendous work with RN.  I have watched her from the sidelines really lean in to the work she has been doing to make some changes.  These habits are sticking which is so cool.  I can't thank you enough."
- Jen (Parent)

"I was feeling really stressed about whether or not to stay in college and I wasn't sleeping well and was having a hard time getting motivated.  Coaching helped me make a plan and feel better about making some decisions, and also helped me learn to manage my stress better."
- Carter, 20

I have worked with Yvette within the educational system, where we facilitated group programs and worked together with individual students experiencing major life transitions and learning difficulties.  Yvette has a natural ability to quickly establish rapport and trust with both adolescents and adults.  She is a compassionate and skilled professional who supports and empowers others."
- Jennifer Donahue, MSW


If you or a young person you know could use some guidance, please contact me today to set up a free consultation.  

Coaching sessions are conducted via virtual platform.

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